Hi, Im Jack.

I am a web developer with a few extra skills.

I am in High School and am competing on FTC Team 14365

I go to the Summit Country Day school in Cincinnati, Ohio

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I started with HTML

My first website

I made this website when I was 11 years old

Then shifted my focus to Javascript...

My first webapp

Simple, non-stylized web application for school

Then php...

Then python...

Then java...

Then c#...

Then mysql...

Then C++...

My previous works:

Scarecrow Row 2 Project Wisp

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I am using Unity 3d to power the background, using a webGL build.

I then am using Javascript to send information to Unity C#, which then updates the animation

Powered by Javascript, C#, and Unity 3d

Special thanks to duck_toy for the low poly person model, and Adobe-powered Mixamo for the animations

Download the Unity project here

Like what you see? Lets get in contact!

Head over to my current GitHub @jackcrane, or my older GitHub @fan5fll

Add me on Discord fantastic1#0597

Or just shoot me an email at 3jbc22@gmail.com

Want to use what I have made?